Arlo Guthrie? the new Woodstock?

April 4, 2019 – Mokuleia, HI – On The Road


Wow! Well I’m just off the phone with my daughter, Annie whose day should have endedabout a half hour ago. But new developments have made my dream come true, so I’m sharing them with anyone reading this.

I’ve been informed that the folks at Bethel Woods have solved the problems concerning the initial difficulties performing on the original site, which they own. They have proposed that I perform a free show at the original site on August 15th, which is the date I performed at 50 years ago, although this year that will fall on a Thursday.

I have accepted their invitation, and will indeed be doing a show that day as I’d wished. I’ve heard that they will also be showing the original Woodstock movie (also for free) at their normal pavilion that same day.

What kind of show, who will be performing with me, who will be in the band, and a gazillion other details have yet to be worked out. In other words – don’t ask me, I don’t know.

But, I intend to be there, August 15th, and perform a celebratory gig commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the original event. And it’ll be for free

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